Courses Taught By Dr. Manal Helal in Fall 2015 in College of Engineering and Technology, AASTMT, Cairo, Egypt

This course will help students know the concepts of programming using VB, and knowing how to use editors to implement these concepts. Topics include: Data types and variables, operators, various Visual Interface Controls, conditional structures such as If and select statements, different forms of repeatition statements such as While and For, arrays, functions and procedures.

This course teaches students OO modeling and development concepts using Java programming languages. Topics include: classes – objects – Strings, File I/O,  inheritance – abstraction, interfaces, Exception handling, and GUI interfaces.

The course objective is to introduce the major principles and concepts underlying all programming languages with no concentration on one particular language. Topics include: Different paradigms of programming languages. Introduction to programming languages constructs, history of programming languages, language design principles, syntax, basic semantics, data types, control and abstract data types. Difference between object oriented, functional logic, parallel programming, visual programming, and scripting.

This course provides an introduction to the core concepts and principles of distributed programming techniques. Topics include distributed systems requirements such as infrastructure, topologies, communication, naming, synchronisation, consistency, replication, and fault-tolerance. The distributed computing topics include the programming paradigms, protocols, and application program interfaces (API's), including MPI, PVM, RMI, COBRA, IDL, WWW, SOAP, map-reduce, SPARC.