Courses being taught by Dr. Manal Helal in Computer Science Department, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Surrey University, Guildford, UK

This module aims at allowing students to acquire the knowledge and design skills of operating systems including servers and desktops and focusing on mobile and embedded systems as an enabler (use of Android OS as a specific example). It is an introductory course that examines how modern operating systems are architected and implemented. Basic principles of operating systems and computer architectures will be taught coupled together with aspects like process management, memory management, file systems, I/O subsystems, etc. In addition to understanding the evolution of Oss, this course will also include practical programming where students will apply the OS principles taught by examining case studies in mobile platforms focusing on the use of Android API. This will allow students to get a better understanding of mobile computer platforms and recognize the needs of mobile computing users. This part aims to show students that there is more to programming than just building a standalone piece of software. Software can interact with different devices and components and it is important to understand how various components work together on a wireless device. It covers key techniques required to develop mobile applications using Android Programming. It discusses the growing marketplace for mobile apps.