Weekly outline

  • General

  • Week 1: Introduction

  • Week 2: Process Description, Control, and Scheduling

    • This  pss.jar simulates different process scheduling algorithms. This course covered the following:

      1. First come first serve (FCFS) 

      1. - Shortest job first (SJF) 

      1. - Round robin (RR)

      1. - Highest Priority First static priority, preemptive (HPFSP)

      1. - Weighted round robin (WRR)

      To run the pss, you will need to configure an input file first.  An example is found in Week 2 Course Materials: input. Create a "input.txt" and type the following in it:

      1. First two lines are for your to write comments 

      1. Third line is the number of processes. 

      1. For every process include a line in the input file. This file contains the following items separated by spaces: 

      2. Serial number for the process beginning from 1 up to x (number of processes) in the last line. 

      1. The time the process arrived to the ready queue with accuracy up to one digit after the decimal point

      1. The time the process is expected to run for (CPU Burst)

      1. The time the process has used the CPU for until now e.

      1. The process priority p.

      From the GUI screen choose the input file from disk and the output folder, choose your quantum value q, and select the required algorithms, which is the 5 listed above at least. Feel free to experiment with the rest.

      When you click Simulate, you will have another window, select each algorithm from the combo box and click show to see the graph.

      Finally Go to the output folder and check the generated text files in each algorithm folder.

  • Week 3: Android Studio, SDK, and Hello World App

  • Week 4: Threads

  • 4 March - 10 March

  • 11 March - 17 March

  • 18 March - 24 March

  • 25 March - 31 March

  • 1 April - 7 April

  • 8 April - 14 April

  • 15 April - 21 April

  • 22 April - 28 April